PUR Adhesives

PUR adhesives for aluminium compounds

High-quality 2-C-adhesive

with excellent resistance to heat / weather and broad adhesion spectrum for constructive, strong joints, in a practical tandem cartridge with static-mixing-tube.



  • broad adhesion spectrum for various building materials
  • high cohesiveness
  • controlled hardening
  • excellent gap bridging
  • good weather-resistanc
  • solvent-free
  • in window construction suitable for injection techniques
  • in cured condition top-coatable



  • Bonding of aluminium corner angles for aluminium windows, doors and facade engineering
  • Joint bonding of gypsum fibre boards
  • Bonding of different material surfaces, such as wood, laminates, glass fibre reinforced plastics (sanded) and aluminium
  • Glass fibre reinforced sandwich constructions in vehicle construction


Universal 1-C-PUR Adhesive

Solvent-free, gap-filling and universally usable polyurethane with fast response time and viscous elastic adhesive gap, applicable for bonding of aluminium corner angles in window and door construction, as well as ideally suited for various structural and assembly bonding.



  • broad adhesion spectrum for differing materials
  • easy handling
  • excellent adhesion on different wood-based and building materials, ceramic, metals, duro- and thermoplastics
  • high cohesiveness
  • odourless
  • gap-filling
  • viscous elastic adhesive gap
  • sanding and coating possible
  • high weather-resistance



  • Door-cassettes
  • Bonding of laminates
  • Metal-window construction
  • Fixing of signs
  • Baseboards
  • Stairs
  • Tiles
  • Pergolas
  • General repairs and assembly bonding

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